The SIMPONI ARIA® dosing regimen is 2 mg/kg given as an IV infusion over 30 minutes at Weeks 0 and 4, then every 8 weeks thereafter.

You can calculate the dose, the number of SIMPONI ARIA® single-use vials, and the total volume of SIMPONI ARIA® solution needed based on the recommended dosing of 2 mg/kg and the patient’s weight.

Use the calculator below to determine the dose required for each patient:

  1. Enter the patient’s weight in pounds or kilograms and click “Calculate Dose.”
  2. The appropriate dose amount and number of single-use vials will appear. Remember to discard any unused solution remaining in the single-use vials.

Patient’s weight (in whole numbers)


Wrong weight value



Wrong weight value


Total dose


Number of single-use vials required


Total volume to be withdrawn


Dosing calculations

1 lb=0.453592 kg.
Total dose in mg=2 mg/kg x weight in kg.

Total volume in mL to be withdrawn=total dosage in mg x 4 mL/50 mg.
Number of single-use vials needed=total volume in mL to be withdrawn x 1 vial/4 mL.

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